Glocafy’s journey through 2023 and the road ahead

Glocafy’s journey through 2023 and the road ahead

As the echoes of 2023 fade away, I took some time out last week to do a thorough year-end analysis and develop the strategic 2024 roadmap for Glocafy. The reflection below summarizes some of the highs and the learnings from the past year while offering a sneak peek into the exciting ventures that lie ahead.

Events: A Blend of Connections, Virtually and In-Person

Following Covid, events, training, and networking underwent a transformational shift, initially all going online and now seamlessly blending in-person and online experiences, both with their respective pros and cons. This new hybrid approach proves invaluable, with online events and meetings saving time while enabling even more and better international collaboration. However, amidst the digital wave, the essence of face-to-face interactions remains irreplaceable, and it is a true joy to engage at a face-to-face level again.

This included Glocafy’s active participation as a speaker at physical conferences and events, such as the BP23 Translation Conference in Utrecht in May, which highlighted the importance of engaging with language professionals from all around the world and staying abreast of trends in the translation and localisation industry. Later in the year, the re-start of EI International Digital Marketing Strategy events in Dublin and being invited as a speaker, allowed for impactful discussions on the latest developments in SEO and digital marketing, reinforcing the significance of such forums for knowledge exchange and meeting companies embarking on the digital marketing journey. And finally, in December, there was a flurry of social and networking type of events, which were good fun and a great opportunity for networking with other companies.

CPD and Learning: A Continuous Evolution

In a landscape where change is the only constant, staying ahead necessitates a strong commitment to continuous professional development. The broad mix of skills demanded by Glocafy’s field – encompassing knowledge on business, international markets, SEO, digital marketing, website localisation, translation – prompted dedicated efforts in further expanding knowledge and skills. In addition, the year 2023 was marked by a deep dive into AI, a pivotal topic reshaping Glocafy and the industry. More on this further down.

Clients and Projects: Empowering Irish and European SMEs on the Global Stage

Glocafy’s clientele in 2023 predominantly comprised Irish and some other European SMEs venturing into international markets, in particular the German market.

The focus on internationalisation and localisation consultancy, international SEO, digital marketing strategy and supporting digital marketing tactics reflected a commitment to the growth of local businesses on a global scale. Larger strategic projects of Ireland-based Enterprise Ireland (EI) client companies were often supported by the EI Digital Marketing Capability grant, a valuable funding programme that provides 50%-plus funding for eligible digital marketing projects.

Mentoring sessions with smaller SMEs brought additional joy by sharing important insights and knowledge on SEO and digital marketing with companies in the earlier stages of their development and international journey.

Opportunities and Challenges: Embracing the AI Revolution

Undoubtedly, the rise of Artificial Intelligence emerged as a defining force for 2023 and beyond, posing both challenges and opportunities. The transformative impact on work processes, coupled with ongoing ethical and privacy concerns, painted a complex picture. Having a Master’s in AI and having been exposed to Machine Translation for many years, I have seen AI steadily evolve over the last decades.

However, the advent of Large Language Model advancements in 2023 definitely brought a step-change and elevated AI to new heights, dramatically expanding possibilities and enhancing quality. For Glocafy, integrating AI into its workflows became not just a choice but a strategic imperative. As we step into 2024, the journey involves further integration, exploring and assessing the ever-evolving AI landscape, and leveraging its benefits – both to improve internal Glocafy processes and to offer new and better services to Glocafy clients.

In essence, 2023 was a year of evolution, adaptation, and growth, laying a robust foundation for Glocafy’s ventures to what promised to be an exciting 2024.


Susanne Dirks

Susanne Dirks is an internationalisation consultant, specialising in website localisation, international SEO and international digital marketing.