Helping Companies Grow in Export Markets

International SEO, Digital Marketing, and Multilingual Communications for Global Reach

GLOCAFY, founded in 2013, is focused on helping internationally focused SME companies grow and expand in export markets by fully leveraging their web presence for sales and marketing. 


Want to be found and liked in export markets? Then you need to localise your website for that target market. Let us show you how.

Want to market your products or services in export markets? Let us help you develop and implement a marketing strategy that works in your target export market.

Want to really have impact and get buy-in with prospects and customers? Let us help you adapt and translate your communications into the language of your customers.

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Glocafy -
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in international markets

Deep knowledge and understanding of export markets

Understanding your target market is vital. Glocafy has deep knowledge in export markets. Glocafy can advise you in relation to major export markets it was worked in as well as perform additional and specialised research into other export markets or export market segments.

Consulting-led, business-focused approach

With years of experience in management consulting, Glocafy's approach is always consulting-led, starting with your business goals and finding a solution to meet your business goals.

Extensive web, digital, and SEO expertise

Websites for export markets need to be visible and optimised for search engines. Glocafy has extensive knowledge in SEO, web, IT and works with clients to maximise maximise web presence visibility in the chosen export markets.

Experienced and qualified language professionals

Poor translations are not good for your web visitors nor for Google. Instead, top quality and adaptation to market requirements are vital. As a member of the ITIA, Glocafy understands the importance of this and only works with qualified, top class language professionals.

Strategic and yet pragmatic approach

A strategic approach is very important, but can be difficult for SMEs, where there are often constraints on time, resources, and budget. Glocafy's approach is strategic, yet pragmatic and doable.

Unique mix of knowledge, skills, and experience

For compelling and visible web presence abroad, the combination of skills and experience makes the difference: Glocafy combines years of experience in business consulting with relevant knowledge and hands-on skills in digital, linguistic, cultural and other practical questions that arise during internationalisation and localisation.

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