Translation Services

Accurately Translating Your Website Content into the Language of Your Target Market Audience

Translation plays a big part in international marketing and web presence localisation. It is vital so your website can be found and understood. And a good quality translation is also a great way for you to show your prospects and customers your commitment to them.

If I am selling to you, then I will speak your language,
aber wenn du mir etwas verkaufst, musst du Deutsch sprechen” […but if you are selling something to me, you must speak German]
Willy Brandt
Former Chancellor of Germany

Willy Brandt made this statement well before the Internet and was only referring to the need for German language to support the sales conversation. Today, of course, search engines make this need to have a native language website even more urgent, as a foreign language website will not be seen as relevant to a search done in the market’s native language. And when it comes to translation, quality is key: A bad quality website translation will reflect negatively on your company image and your overall attitude to quality and your customers. In contrast, a good professional translation shows you value quality and your customers. A really good translation, or for marketing purposes often transcreation, will persuade and convince your customers.

Website translation and SEO

And last but not least, a professional SEO-optimised translation will ensure that native speakers looking for your kind of products and services can easily find your website in their market. Content and in particular text content is critical for any website: Search engines use the quality and substance of website content to make a decision on how relevant and interesting a website is in relation to a topic searched. Equally website visitors make decisions on how long they stay and to what extent they engage with the website based on content.

Therefore, our translation are done with international SEO in mind. We will perform keyword research and select focus keywords per page for inclusion in the translation of page content. In addition we recommend to translate and/or transcreate metadata, e.g. titles, descriptions, alt-tags etc. – all with close attention paid to selected keywords. The result is an SEO optimised translation of your content.

Translation of website content and other documents and text

We provide professional translation of website content as well as, on request, translation of any other documents and texts relating to your business, e.g. marketing materials, such as brochures for trade-shows or technical information, such as handbooks or manuals.

Translators, languages, and translation tools

We provide professional translation in a number of languages, working with a network of qualified, competent and experienced translators. As a member of the Executive Committee of the Irish Translators and Interpreters Association as well as fully qualified English-German translator, I regularly provide the German translations myself, or alternatively, in the case of high volume and urgent timelines, select and work with other reputable high quality German translators in my international network of translators. 

As an IT professional, I am also a strong believer in the use of suitable technology to aid the translation process, where possible and appropriate. Unfortunately, machine translation is typically not suitable yet for website translation. However, where possible our translators use technology that makes the translation and localisation process more efficient, such as SDL Trados Studio and its translation memory and terminology management software, which ensures consistency of translations and speeds up and streamlines the translation process.

Other multilingual communication services


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