Proofreading Websites and Content

Ensuring Your Localised Website is Error-Free and Top Quality

During website design and development as well as website localisation, errors and typos easily slip in and negatively impact the website. To ensure quality, it is always recommended to proofread and check content before the site goes live.

Website proofreading and website QA

After translation, it is important to do further quality assurance on your international website.

Of course, any professional translator will already have proofread the translated text, but depending how the text is entered on the website, there is still room for typos and errors to creep in.

Furthermore, text looks different on a website, supported by graphics and within the overall design of the page, than in a text document. Often, on seeing the text on the webpage, further changes and modifications to the translation or the graphics are needed.

This requirement for further adaption of the translation is particularly true for online shops and interactive sites, where special attention needs to be paid to variables within text, buttons for clicking on etc.

In sum, the same as for the original website, a localised site needs thorough quality control to make sure, all looks and works as planned – text, graphics, layout, navigation, calls to action, functionality etc.

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