Multilingual Communication and Translation Services

Content Marketing and Communications in the Language of Your Prospects and Customers

“The difference between the right word and the almost right word is really a large matter – it’s the difference between lightening and a lightening bug” – Mark Twain

Marketing is all about communication and getting your message across. To get buy-in from your target audience, this message ideally needs to be in the native language of your target audience. But not only that, the message also needs to be correct and speak to your target audience abroad. We help you decide the best approach for different parts of your website and depending on your exact requirements provide a range of multilingual communication services, from translation to transcreation to new content development and copywriting.

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Translation is a big part of your website localisation. We handle the translation of your website and other documents for you, working exclusively with qualified and experienced translators. As required, the translation can also include SEO-optimisation of texts and/or keyword research and translation of meta data, such as titles and meta descriptions.


While translation will be appropriate for some parts of your website, other parts will require transcreation, i.e. a adapting your message to another language, often using very different words or phrases to the original. This is a creative process, which is a mandatory for taglines and ads and often also the best approach for marketing-focused parts of your website.

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Interpreting is the facilitation of spoken communication between users of different languages. While this is typically not required in a website context, some of our clients have sought support on this and we provide consecutive interpreting services to clients, e.g. for business meetings/calls, attendance of trade fairs etc.


The quality and accuracy of your translated texts will tell your prospects and clients a lot about your own attitude towards quality. It is therefore paramount to ensure that web texts in all languages are free of typos, misspellings, and other errors. We perform proofreading  services in a variety of languages to ensure quality and accuracy of your website texts. 

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Content Development and Copywriting

Sometimes translation or transcreation of your original texts does not make sense or you want to create some additional original content for one or more of your export markets, for example for local events. We can support you with content development and copywriting in German and English.