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International PPC Ads to Get More Impressions, Clicks, and Leads in Your Export Markets

Paid digital advertising is an excellent marketing tactic for quickly improving your website visibility and increasing lead generation and sales. If you operate internationally, international PPC is required.

Once you have a localised and SEO-optimised your website for your new export markets, it is important to develop an international marketing strategy and plan and implemented associated marketing campaigns. 

While international SEO is the very foundation and a must-have for your online presence and visibility in export markets, the efforts of SEO can take some time to pay off and in some highly competitive sectors it can be difficult to rely on SEO alone. 

Paid ads, in contrast, show immediate impact if you want to attract visitors to your new localised website and are always a good and proven way to complement your SEO efforts. If your business operates internationally, then you need international PPC, i.e. your ads (keyword, text, landing pages) need to be adapted for your international markets. This applies to English speaking as well as foreign language markets. 

International PPC ads for English speaking markets

If you target different English speaking markets, e.g. UK and USA, it is still highly recommendable to take an international approach to your PPC and run different campaigns in different countries. Not only does this create better results, but it can also be considerably for economic, as cost per click can vary considerably between countries. 

Multilingual PPC ads for foreign language markets

If your target non-English speaking markets, you need multilingual PPC, i.e. your ads messages and, if relevant, keywords need to be in the local language. Also, of course, your ad landing page should be in the local language and translated into the local language. 

Simply translating your ads – and in the case of search ads, your keywords – does not work for this, as search patterns, keywords, keyword costs vary considerably between countries. Also the messaging, i.e. your ad text often needs to be adapted, i.e. transcreated rather than translated. 

Last but not least, many search ads tend to have strict restrictions in terms of character count. As most foreign languages need for text space than English, translating ads can be tricky and often a total rewrite of the ad text makes more sense. GLOCAFY can help you set up and manage your international PPC and multilingual PPC campaigns. Contact us now for more information.

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