Paid Digital Advertising

Paid Digital Advertising, for example PPC, is a good marketing tactic for improving your website visibility and increasing lead generation. It is particularly recommended in competitive markets or market segments.

Paid digital advertising is a good marketing tactic to complement SEO efforts, as the effects are immediate and easier to control than the effect of SEO. 

Paid digital advertising is particularly useful in situations where SEO can be difficult, e.g. for companies with very small websites or websites in very competitive spaces dominated by large, budget-rich SEO competitors, during the early life of a new website, or in e-commerce for product-specific advertising. It is also a good way to complement organic SEO efforts. 

There is a big choice of options for paid digital advertising, including:

  • Search engine advertising, such as Google Ads or Bing Ads etc.
  • Display advertising, e.g. via Google or various other platforms, including specialised platforms
  • Social media paid ads, such as LinkedIn ads, Facebook ads etc.

It is important to choose the right medium and form here and this will very much depend on the market, the sector, the goals, the competitive landscape etc. 

It is also important to understand that ads can’t simply be translated. Glocafy does a good bit of work on Google Ads and we see again and again the difference in ads between markets in terms of:

  • Keywords – choice of keywords, keyword volumes and competitiveness, negative keywords, keyword bid prices
  • Adtext – that works and that doesn’t work
  • Results, e.g. impressions, clicks, CTR

So, typically for ads a direct translation hardly ever works and localisation of ads typically involves transcreation or indeed re-creating ads by an local language ads professional.

There are powerful options within the large array of paid digital advertising that is on offer possible and it is important, first of all, to select the right tactics for each market – both in terms of suitability as well as with an eye to cost, i.e.value for money. Once the tactics are chosen, they need to be adapted to the market, tested, and monitored.


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