International Marketing Services

Digital Marketing for Export Markets

“When in Rome, do as the Romans do” – Saint Ambrose

Marketing, as the AIDA principle tells us, is all about creating Attention, Interest, Desire, and Action. This in turn requires that we focus our marketing efforts and actions on the target audience, which in international marketing varies from market to market. Glocafy can help you adapt and fine-tune your marketing to different international target audiences – both by enabling your and your team through research and/or training and mentoring or indeed by supporting you directly in the development or execution of your digital marketing strategy.

Digital Marketing Strategy

Having a website for your target market is a good first step. However, to get more ROI from and leads to your website ongoing goal-focused digital marketing is a must. We help you develop an international digital marketing strategy that aligns with your goals and supports your successful expansion in export markets.

Export Market Research

The better you know your export market, the better your can address it, meet its needs and expectations in a business and cultural environment that often is very different to that of your home market. We help you with your export market research in relation to demand levels and patterns, competitors, suppliers, social media etc.

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Paid Advertising

While an SEO-optimised website is a very important foundation for visibility of your site in export markets, often, especially in large competitive markets or market segments, additional paid marketing is needed. We help you select the right form of paid advertising, as well as set up, manage, monitor and tune localised campaigns, e.g Google Ads or other. 

Training and Mentoring

Often clients, we work with want to be able to look after their marketing for export markets themselves once the website localisation is complete and/or the strategy is developed. We are very much in favour of this approach and will work with you on enabling your staff via training and mentoring.

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Content Marketing

Content is king and having and executing a content marketing strategy is an important part of digital marketing. We help you develop and implement an international content marketing strategy, deciding what content is needed for which market, in what form, when and via which channels.