German Translation Services

Professional Translation of your Website Content and Other Documents from English to German

When targetting the German market, it is important to translate your website and other documentation into German. Professional high-quality translation is key, as the quality of your website and texts reflects on your company and its attitude to quality.

Professional English to German translation services

GLOCAFY provides a range of high quality English to German translation services. 

Susanne Dirks, managing consultant at GLOCAFY, is a qualified translator (Staatlich Geprüfte Übersetzerin, IFA Erlangen) specialising in technical, IT, website, medical and medical device translation from English into German. Susanne is also a member of the Irish Translators’ and Interpreters Association and a member of the ITIA Executive Committee from 2014-2022. Depending on the subject area and the exact requirements, Susanne will either do the translation herself or work with a suitably qualified professional translator from her international network to ensure a professional translation.


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In addition to translation from English to German, GLOCAFY also offers translation services in other languages, working with professional translators within Susanne’s extensive network of language professionals.

Website translation

The translation of websites from English to German is a speciality of GLOCAFY. 

This requires good knowledge, not only of translation, but also IT and web technology and IT tools, so that the easiest way for creating the new German website can be identified. Depending on website platform and client setup, the best approach will vary and Susanne will work with clients to find the best solution for a client’s requirements.

SEO translation of website content

A key part of website translation is SEO translation of website content. This means that as part of the translation, it is ensured that the appropriate German keyword phrases for each web page are found and integrated into the visible German-language web page content as well as the German meta data as part of the translation process. This is very important in order to ensure that the German version of the website has a good chance to be listed in the top SERP (search engine results pages). In addition, as most website have a strong marketing function, some pages on the website typically will require a transcreation approach, i.e. a more creative approach to translation, where the focus is to (re)create a suitable marketing message in German – rather than focus exclusivly on accurate word-by-word translation of text.

Software translation and localisation

Another important area for translation is software translation and software localisation. This is important, if you sell software into the German market. In this case, it is important that the user interface and any supporting documentation is also translated and localised for the German market.

Document translation

In addition to the very specialised translation services for websites, GLOCAFY also offers more traditional text and document translation. Typical requirements might be translation of contracts, brochures, handbooks, instruction manuals etc. 

For text translation that is very marketing focused, we recommend transcreation, i.e. a re-creation of the message as opposed to a more literal translation of the words, which in a marketing context is usually more appropriate and effective. 

Other important German market services

Market research

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German SEO

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German PPC

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Website localisation

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