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German SEO for Better Brand Visibility and More Leads in German-Speaking Markets

If you want your website be found by prospects and customers in the German-speaking markets, you need to ensure your website is SEO-optimised for these markets, the German language and linguistically and culturally preferred German search patterns.

What is German SEO?

German SEO is search engine optimisation for the German market or for other German-speaking markets. Like with all forms of SEO, the aim is to ensure that your website ranks in the top results when someone using a search engine. German SEO aims at ensuring your website ranks in the top results when people in Germany search for your goods and services, using German search terms. This means your website has to contain signals that tell search engines, in particular Google, which with a market share of about 93% in Germany is the leading search engine in that market, that your website is meant for and targetting the German market. Some of these signals are technical and others relate to the content, structure, metadata, and links for your website.

Why do I need German SEO?

If you are targeting the German market and/or want that people in Germany find your website it is very important that your website is localised and optimised with the German market in mind.

To start with this means that your website is translated into German. However, a professional, high quality translation is just the first step for search visibility in Germany.

In addition to translation, your German language website also needs to be optimised for the most suitable German keywords. Simply translating keyword rarely works, as search patterns, search intent and language use varies between countries, so different terms will have different search volumes and different levels of competition. This, by the way, also applies if you are thinking of running some Google Ads in Germany – different search patterns, different search volumes, and indeed very different keyword costs. 

So in sum, to do well in search in the German market, your website must also be SEO-optimised for the German market and the German language, i.e. based on German keyword research and analysis of online competitors in Germany, the right keywords need to be chosen and integrated into content, metadata and other relevant sections of the website. Without German SEO your chances of your website being found during web search are minimal. So, if you want to use your website for lead generation and/or sales, German SEO is key.

German SEO Services

With Germany being one of the focus markets of GLOCAFY, we of course also provide German SEO services to export-focused companies. These includes keyword research and keyword selection and their integration into the German website content and meta data, i.e. all on page SEO. Our German SEO services also include the required technical adjustments needed for search visibility in Germany.

In addition, off-page SEO is also highly recommended, i.e. building inbound links into your German website. Once again, this is something GLOCAFY can support you with, either by doing this for you or by working with one of your team and developing a strategy for link building and off page SEO, you and your staff can implement. If you would like to find out more about our German SEO services, contact us now.

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