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Quality content and clear communications are key. This applies both to your source text, but also to the texts you translate into other languages.

For websites, a quality translation is a must. Websites, in theory, are visible to the world and a badly translated website won’t induce people to buy from you – indeed, can do considerable reputational damage.

The importance of quality aside, a website translation is only one part of a proper website localisation. Text and messaging needs to be adapted and culturally fine-tined to the target market and target audience. Keywords and SEO need to be considered an integrated.

Here at Glocafy, we take pride in providing quality website translation and localisation, ensuring your localised website is not only correct and accurate, but also visible in your target market and gets the right messages across to your target audience abroad.

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Website Translation, Localisation and International SEO at Glocafy

At Glocafy, you will be working with people that appreciate the importance of translation, but also know that website localisation is more than just translation.

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You will be working directly with Susanne Dirks, managing consultant at Glocafy. Susanne, who is a German native based in Ireland, has the kind of mix of background and experience that is required for proper website localisation:  In addition to being an experienced qualified translator (Staatlich Geprüfte Übersetzerin, IFA Erlangen), member of the Irish Translators’ and Interpreters Association as well as member of the  ITIA Executive Committee, Susanne has an extensive background in IT, web technology and marketing (MSc, BSc, several certifications) and has worked in international business and IT consultancy for the last 20+ years. 

Leveraging her skills and experience as well as extensive network, Susanne will work with you to plan and carry out your website localisation, including, depending on your requirements, also market research, keyword research, SEO, digital marketing strategy and supporting tactics as well as general localisation consultancy. 

So, if you want plan to translate and localise your website, you are in the right place. Contact us and let us discuss your requirements. We are happy to provide advice on best approach and give you a free quote. 

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What some of our clients say

Susanne did an SEO-translation for the Georgia in Dublin website and she did a super job. She was very helpful, efficient and most of all thorough and we are very pleased with the result. We can see that it is being used by German speakers and are delighted that we can offer a well translated version of our website
Georgia Scott
Georgia In Dublin
Susanne went above and beyond for the translation of our newly launched website. With Germany being our second biggest market, it was imperative that the translation and localisation be perfect. There were lots of challenges with the website, but Susanne was incredibly professional and helpful in every way possible. Her flexibility and patience with us meant we had the time to make sure everything was perfect. Her experience with past projects and particularly in E-Commerce gave us the confidence needed, especially when we do not speak the language. We will definitely be using Susannes services again and highly recommend her for a most professional job well done.
Leanne Murphy
Clubs to Hire
We recruited Susanne to help us with some translation for some Test German Website Pages. Susanne did a superb job on translation, she also gave added value as she has a very good knowledge of this market so gave sound advice on legal obligations and general layout of the pages for this specific market. Susanne is a pleasure to work with and I would have no hesitation in recommending her.
Angela Drum
OEE Systems