Web Presence and Website Audit

Checking how well Your Website Currently Performs and how this can be Improved

Doing a website audit can be a good starting point for a web presence localisation project. It gives you a clear idea what works and what doesn't, and what actions you need to take to improve your web presence at home and/or in export markets.

Doing a site audit is good practice and should be done regularly. With regard to web presence localisation, a good starting point for localising a website is to audit the current website, i.e. either the current home market website or – if it already exists – the current and often not so well performing website for the target market. This audit will identify both strengths and weaknesses of the website and thus result in a set of clear and specific recommendations for the new foreign website with regard to design, architecture, content, language, use of graphics, and/or legal aspects etc.

In our discussions with you, we will determine the scope of the audit and focus and your goals of the audit, i.e. SEO, content, information architecture, competitiveness, market suitability etc.

As part of the audit, we can also benchmark your current foreign website against those of other Irish SMEs, leveraging the criteria and tool we developed during a piece of work with Enterprise Ireland in 2013, when we analysed and benchmarked more than 20 Irish companies’ websites for the German marked, using 34 criteria to assess these German-market targetting websites’ visibility in and likely appeal to the German market.

If you are interested in a website audit, check out some of your tips on “How to do a website audit”  – or simply just contact us.

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