Strategic Planning for Export Markets

A Prioritised Roadmap for Web Presence Abroad as the Basis for Success

A strategic plan for web presence in export markets ensures you get maximum value for your investment: Work and investments are rigorously prioritised and aligned with your business strategy and there is a clear, goal-driven plan for web presence localisation and marketing.

International expansion – the foundation for company growth

International expansion is the foundation of organic company growth. Due to the relatively small size of the Irish market, this is particularly true for Irish companies, but equally so for companies in other larger markets. At some stage, the potential of the home market is fully exploited and other ways of growth need to be looked at – international expansion being a favoured option, as this opens new markets for a company’s products and/or services.

Mastering the challenges of international expansion

While exciting, international expansion is a complex undertaking and needs to be carefully planned for. The starting point typically is market research. But in addition, other areas of the business need to be looked at – in particular, the micro environment and the macro environment of the company, at home and in the chosen export market/s. Oftentimes, the value proposition needs adaptation, or at least the messaging around the value proposition and the USP. Also, choosing the most suitable export market/s is a very important step in this, and typically rigorous prioritisation is required due to limited resources, human and/or financial.

Leveraging your web presence for international expansion

Several models exist for operating in export markets – whether this is direct, via resellers, distributors, partners etc.

Independent of the mix of routes to markets (RTMs) you chose during planning, a company’s web presence, including the web presence of their local partners, plays a central role in successful internationalisation.

Indeed, one might say, by having a website, a company is international from Day One. However, this is true only theoretically, as typically a website built for the home market has low visibility and low impact and buy-in in export markets.

Thus, to get the full benefit of the web, your web presence need to be localised and optimised for other target export markets. Once localised and optimised, your new web presence in the chosen export market will form a key element of your marketing strategy for the new market and can start contribute to building brand awareness and generating leads and closing business in the chosen export markets. 

Strategic planning for export markets with Glocafy

Glocafy assists companies in this exciting yet challenging journey of internationalisation and works hand in hand with you to develop a clear and prioritised plan for your chosen export market/s, all based on solid market research and deep market insights, while leveraging the power of the web for brand awareness, lead generation, and sales in your chosen new export markets. Contact us to find out more.

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