Localisation Services for a Strong International Web Presence

Ensuring Your Digital Presence Supports Sales and Marketing in Your Chosen Export Markets

“Personally, I am very fond of strawberries and cream, but I have found that for some strange reason, fish prefer worms” – Dale Carnegie

To be visible and to have impact in an export market, your website needs to be localised for the environment of your target export market. This requires a thorough understanding of your target market, how it is different from your home market, and how this impacts your web presence. Glocafy specialises in web presence localisation and can help you with the different steps involved – from audit your website for export market readiness, to planning and implementing your localised web presence.

Strategic Planning for Internationalisation

Web presence in export markets is critical for both brand building and lead generation. But don’t jump into localising your web presence too quickly: If you want to meet your goals and save time and money in the long run, a solid strategy and plan are a must. Find out more how we can help you with strategic planning¬†for your web presence abroad.

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Web Presence and Website Audit

Do you already have a localised web presence for your export market/s or international website, yet are doubtful about its ROI? You are not alone. Often companies find that a web presence and website audit is the best starting point for a new project, as it helps understand what works and what needs improvement.

International Search Engine Optimisation (I-SEO)

Just as for your website for your home market, your export market website needs to be optimised for local search patterns and the local search engine most prevalent in your target market. It’s simple: Without SEO, your website is extremely hard to find. This is even more true in export markets, where your brand is likely to be less known and you can’t rely on users searching for your brand name. Find out about international SEO.

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Website Design and Development

While we don’t do large-scale website design and development and generally prefer to work with your internal team or your web agency, we do provide web design and development for smaller projects (e.g. mini sites for export markets) and very often work with clients in an advisory way on web design and development, helping clients to select the most suitable agency, work better with their agency, or improve their website.

Website Localisation

When you developed your strategy and plan for your localised web presence, it’s time to start localising your web presence for your target market. Depending on your plan and what you want to handle internally, Glocafy supports you during all stages of web presence localisation, as required. Find out about our website localisation services.

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