Content Writing and Copywriting

If you want your website be found by users in your target market, using their native language and locally preferred search engines, you need to ensure your website is optimised for those search engines and search terms.

The most typical way of creating content in another language is by way of translation or transcreation, both of which can be provided by Glocafy.

However, in addition, we regularly encounter situations, where our clients new content to be created for an export market.

This is the case, for example, when companies have different offerings in different markets and the relevant sections have to be rewritten focusing on that different offering. Another typical scenario for new contents are blog, news and social media pages, where the aim is to have interaction with the target audience, which in turn requires that the content is locally relevant, ideally linking into local topics or local activities the company is doing, e.g. local events or tradeshows.

Depending on your exact requirements, Glocafy can support you in content creation, i.e. content writing or indeed copywriting in German and English.

Other multilingual communication services


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