Digital Marketing Strategy

Developing a Strategic Roadmap for International Digital Marketing

Your digital marketing strategy is your roadmap for getting best value from your website. For international websites, this strategy will be different from country to country and just like your localised website needs adaptation to country preferences and market conditions.

While the onpage SEO performed during website localisation is a fundamental first step in achieving visibility in the new market, it will not be sufficient to attract significant website traffic and will be complemented by a strategy and associated tactics for digital marketing, such as the building of local links, search engine advertising, listing in directories, press portals and/or on price comparison websites, content marketing, social media etc. 

Defining an digital marketing strategy for your new export market is no mean feat, as your export market internet strategy needs to align with and support your overall marketing strategy at home and abroad and your online marketing strategy.

Like website localisation itself, it is a fine balance between aligning with and leveraging what do do at home, and adapting and fine-tuning it to the specific needs, behaviours, and requirements for the target export market.

Decisions also need to be made as to what you can do in-house and where you will need external support, via ourselves or other partners we can help you select.

We can support you in both developing and implementing this strategy and provide advise and support on a number of digital marketing topics, such as:

The appropriateness of the above depends on a number of factors, some relating to your business and its goals, others relating to the target export market and their use within the appropriate market. There is no blanket approach and it is often better to focus on a few of the above tactics rather than try to do all. We can support you with a careful selection of the right approaches and tactics and help you implement them.

Other international marketing services

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