International Content Marketing

Developing and Sharing the Best and Most Relevant Content for Your Export Markets

Inbound marketing rests on content marketing and it is important to have a clear strategy and plan for content marketing for export markets - not only to attract more website traffic and leads, but also to show and prove the strength of your value proposition, offering and USP.

Good content marketing is strategic, i.e. it aligns to and supports the business strategy, but also it follows its own strategy, i.e. there are clear and measurable goals and a plan how these goals are to be achieved.

With regard to international content marketing, the same questions apply as for other content marketing, but many of the answers will vary from market to market and there are some additional considerations:

Goals of content marketing

The first question, as always, is to be clear about the goals and the general drivers for deploying content marketing: 

  • What are you trying to achieve by content marketing?
  • Who is your target audience for content?
  • What ongoing content / messages / topics do you have that are of interest to your target audience?
  • What difference with regard to content marketing goals, audience, and messages exists between countries?

Content focus

This is about diving deeper into the focus of your content: What can you credibly and regularly talk about that is of interest to your target audience and provides value to them and you? One seemingly simple question, but an important and often not easy one to answer.

Content creation, content localisation, content SEO

Assuming you are clear about your goals and the focus of your content per market, the big question arises how to create this content, who creates it and how do you generate a localised, ISEO-optimised version of the content.

Different options are possible here and a lot will depend on your in-house skills, but it is important to think this through and plan for it.

Content distribution and dissemination

The final step and just as important as any of the others: How to do disseminate your content, i.e. what are the best platforms and methods for sharing content in your target market, so it is found by your target audience?

Other international marketing services

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