Paid Ads for Germany, Austria, and Switzerland

German PPC and Paid Ads for Immediate Brand Visibility and Lead Generation in the German-speaking DACH Markets

German PPC ads are a great way of speeding up and increasing brand visibility, lead generation and sales in the German, Austrian, and Swiss markets. Choose between paid search ads, paid social ads, or paid display advertising.

Once you have translated, localised, and SEO-optimised your website for the German market, it is important to develop a marketing strategy for the German market and build and implement a plan for ongoing traditional and digital marketing campaigns. With your brand initially not known in the German market, it will take some time until you can fully reap the benefits of your German SEO efforts. This is where paid digital advertising comes in. Paid online advertising offers excellent opportunities to create brand awareness and generate leads and sales. This is particularly useful when you are new in a market. In addition, PPC marketing is a good marketing tactic to use on an ongoing basis to increase lead generation.

Paid search ads for Germany, Austria, and Switzerland

Google’s paid search ads are a typical example of German PPC. GLOCAFY can help you set up paid search campaigns for the German market based on: 

  • Suitable German keywords 
  • German ad text, suitable for German, Austrian, and Swiss market 
  • German landing page 

We can look after the setup and management of your German paid ads, including keywords research, campaign set up, ad text creation or transcreation, landing page creation or translation, tuning, monitoring, and optimisation of search ads, including addition of negative keywords, adaptation of campaigns, ads, bidding strategy.

Paid social ads for Germany, Austria, and Switzerland

Paid social ads are another form of paid ads. GLOCAFY can support you with social PPC ads. As an agency focusing primarily on the B2B market, we work a lot with LinkedIn ads and can localise and optimise them for the German market for you.

Display advertising for Germany, Austria, and Switzerland

Display advertising is another form of paid advertising, which GLOCAFY can help you with. Typically display advertising is mostly used for building brand visibility. We have found that display advertising can be very useful and cost-effective way of brand building as well as lead generation in Germany for some clients. We have identified some special scenarios, where German display advertising can be highly successful and a better marketing tactic than, for example, paid search ads.

Contact us now to discuss how to increase brand visibility, lead generation, and sales in Germany and the DACH region using paid ads or indeed if you are interested in paid advertising for other international markets where we also provide support for international PPC.

Other important German market services

Market research

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German translation

German translation

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Website localisation

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