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Creating Fresh and Compelling Content for Export Markets

Your website has two key purposes: Attracting potential visitors to your site and converting them into leads or prospects. Content plays a key role in doing so - yet content preferences will vary between countries and often new locally relevant content needs to be written.

Your International Content Marketing Strategy is the roadmap for creating compelling content for export markets

Starting point is the your international content marketing strategy. Here you describe how content creation and content sharing can support you in attracting prospects to your website, getting them interested in what you have to offer, and moving them to the next stage of your sales funnel. 

Content Marketing for different markets will vary – different contents appeals to different national audiences and there are also variances in how to best share and disseminate content, e.g. what platforms to use.

There may be also different goals per market and the resources you have available to support content creation may vary from market to market.

Hence, an international content market strategy is needed, defining the common elements of content strategy and those that vary between markets.


Content development and copywriting for English-speaking and German-speaking markets

The most typical way of creating content in another language is by way of translation or transcreation, both of which can be provided by GLOCAFY.

However, in addition, we regularly encounter situations, where our clients new content to be created for an export market.

This is the case, for example, when companies have different offerings in different markets and the relevant sections have to be rewritten focusing on that different offering. Another typical scenario for new contents are blog, news and social media pages, where the aim is to have interaction with the target audience, which in turn requires that the content is locally relevant, ideally linking into local topics or local activities the company is doing, e.g. local events or tradeshows.

Depending on your exact requirements, GLOCAFY can support you in content creation, i.e. content writing or indeed copywriting in German and English. Contact us now to find out more.

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