German Market Services

Online Presence and Digital Marketing for More Leads and Sales in the German Market

“Germany is Europe’s largest economy and fourth largest in the world. Its economy is expanding, estimated to grow 0.5% in 2019”                           –  Enterprise Ireland


As outlined by Enterprise Ireland in its Going Global: Exporting to Germany guide, Germany is a key export market and has long been attractive to export-focused companies. For Glocafy, Germany and helping companies export to and sell in Germany has always been a key focus and continues to be so. This is where our experience is deepest and where we can help you most, thus offering a number of additional services to create brand visibility, leads, and sales. 

Market Research for Germany

The better you know your export market, the better your can address it, meet its the needs and expectations in a business and cultural environment that often is very different to that of your home market. We help you with your export market research in relation to the German market: Demand levels and patterns, customer segments and preferences, competitor analysis, supplier sourcing, marketing approaches and opportunities etc.

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Website Localisation for Germany

If you are serious about the exporting to Germany, you need to localise your website for the German market. This typically is more than a simple translation, as your website needs to meet the requirements of your German target audience, needs to be visible in search engines, and needs to blend in as well as stand out from competitors in Germany.

German SEO and Paid Ads for Germany

Your website does not only have to provide compelling and locally relevant content, it also needs to be found by your prospective clients in the German-speaking markets. We help you achieve this by providing German SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) of your website as well as German PPC, such as paid search ads, display ads and social ads for the German market.  

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Content Marketing and Copywriting

Sometimes translation or transcreation of your original texts does not make sense or you want to create some additional original content for one or more of your export markets, for example for local events. We can support you with content marketing strategy, content development and copywriting in German and English.

German Translation Services

If you are serious about the German market, you need a website in German. It does without saying that a website is must for every business today. If you want to sell to German, you will need to get your website professionally translated into German, so that your German prospects and customers can find your website and find out about your offering.

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German Transcreation Services

While translation will be appropriate for some parts of your website, other parts will require transcreation, i.e. a adapting your message to another language, often using very different words or phrases to the original. This is a creative process, which is a mandatory for taglines and ads and often also the best approach for marketing-focused parts of your website. 

Web Presence, Digital Marketing, and Multilingual Communications Services
for International Markets

In addition to the above-listed services, which are specific to the German market, we also offer a range of services for most international markets. Of course, there also include the German and German-speaking markets. 

Web Presence Localisation

web presence localization

International Marketing

international marketing

Multilingual Communications

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