Complimentary AI Consultancy Call

Explore the power of artificial intelligence for expanding your global marketing reach.
Find out how to make AI work for you!

AI is at the forefront of everyone’s mind, transforming industries far and wide. Yet, for many companies understanding how to effectively utilise AI for international digital marketing and website localisation remains a challenge. The marketing landscape is evolving rapidly, and with it, the strategies that drive global market engagement and online presence must adapt.

In this rapidly changing environment, AI’s role in digital marketing is not just innovative; it’s revolutionary. The potential to create and tailor content, understand diverse markets, and optimise user experience across different languages and cultures is unprecedented. Understanding how AI will impact marketing, and how YOU can leverage AI for your marketing success is critical. Book a free initial call and find out more.

Benefits of an initial free AI consultation with Susanne Dirks at Glocafy

With over a decade of expertise in supporting SME companies with their international digital marketing and website localisation, Glocafy, under the leadership of Susanne Dirks, has become a trusted partner in global market expansion.

Susanne’s unique combination of practical experience and academic expertise, highlighted by a Master’s degree in Artificial Intelligence from Edinburgh University, positions her perfectly to guide your company through the complexities of leveraging AI in your digital strategies.

Booking a call with Susanne ensures you’re not just exploring AI’s potential, but you’re doing so with a seasoned expert committed to your success. 


This is a commitment-free, non-sales call, which provides you with:

  • Insights into AI’s potential for your international digital marketing
  • Initial thoughts on integrating AI into your digital marketing strategy
  • Identification of one or two key areas for AI enhancement
  • Basic steps towards starting with AI in marketing
  • Overview of AI adoption challenges and solutions


In sum: In our initial consultation, you’ll gain a thorough insight into the essential and powerful role of AI in international digital marketing. And you’ll receive actionable recommendations on adopting AI-driven strategies, providing a clear starting point for enhancing your marketing with AI to further grow your business at home and abroad.

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What some of our clients say

From the outset, I was impressed by the fact that Susanne talked about strategy rather than looking for us to just start developing a new website platform - as some other companies I spoke with did ... Our business is a complex one, however Susanne listened and understood the key points of what we do and how we operate, reframing our value proposition in a clear and simple manner, which we were able to successfully communicate to potential clients. We are very happy with the results of the work undertaken in what has been a very short period of time.
Michael o'Byrne
Susanne went above and beyond for the translation of our newly launched website. With Germany being our second biggest market, it was imperative that the translation and localisation be perfect. There were lots of challenges with the website, but Susanne was incredibly professional and helpful in every way possible. Her flexibility and patience with us meant we had the time to make sure everything was perfect. Her experience with past projects and particularly in E-Commerce gave us the confidence needed, especially when we do not speak the language. We will definitely be using Susannes services again and highly recommend her for a most professional job well done.
Leanne Murphy
Clubs to Hire
I cannot recommend Susanne highly enough! She is extremely knowledgeable in all aspects of digital marketing and we learnt a huge amount from her. We saw an increase in traffic of over 80% on our German dedicated website in a year and a 34 % increase (’16 – ’17) and a 24% increase (’17-’18) on our .com website. I’m confident this increase in traffic was largely as a result of all the improvements Susanne made to our SEO, tagging, headings etc.
Ciara Power