Our clients are primarily ambitious, export focused companies in the SME sector. This includes both B2C as well as B2C companies of various industries. For some of our clients web presence is first and foremost about marketing and lead generation, yet some of our clients also do e-commerce and sell online.

Common to all our clients is the international focus and the drive to grow and expand internationally.

Financial support for clients

In Ireland, many Glocafy clients are companies supported by Enterprise Ireland (EI) or the Local Enterprise Offices (LEO) and Glocafy services often qualify for some of their relevant funding schemes: In the case of Enterprise Ireland, Glocafy is listed as one of the approved business process improvement consultants of the Enterprise Ireland Internet Marketing Unit and projects often are part-funded e-Marketing Improvement assignments within the EI Business Process Improvement Grant. In the case of the LEOs, Glocafy has worked with clients leveraging their Trading Online Vouchers scheme or their Technical Assistance for micro exporters grant for certain activities. If you have questions or need further advice, don’t hesitate to contact us.


Some of our clients