About Glocafy

Who are are

Glocafy, formerly trading as e-Vorsprung Consulting, was founded in early 2013. It is focused on helping small and medium sized business grow in export markets by helping them localise their web presence, marketing and communications to suit the needs, requirements and expectations of the respective target market/s – a key requirement for success in export markets.

Susanne Dirks

Susanne, experienced digital marketing and international SEO consultant and a state-approved translator with a First Class B.Sc. (Hons) in Information Technology and an M.Sc. (Edinburgh) in Artificial Intelligence, is founder and sole proprietor of the Glocafy. Having worked as an international business and IT consultant in the corporate sectors for nearly 20 years, Susanne in 2013 decided to set up her own business, helping export-focused SME companies grow in export markets.

The majority of the services are performed by Susanne herself, leveraging her multidisciplinary background and years of experience in translation, IT, AI, web technology, SEO, and international consulting in the corporate sector. In addition, and where appropriate, Susanne also works with partners, drawing on her large international network of contacts in the required disciplines.

What we do

Glocalisation for SMEs

Glocafy, as the name implies, is all about glocalisation, i.e. going global with a local flavour, blending a global approach with local elements as required. An internationally-driven approach can create consistency and efficiencies across countries. Yet, localisation is key for brand building, marketing, communications and customer buy-in in each chosen target market. So, glocalisation is the solution.

International SEO, international digital marketing, website localisation and multi-lingual communications

The focus of our work is on helping you develop a localised web presence in your chosen export markets, support you in the development and execution of an international marketing strategy and in adapting your communications to your target markets and audiences by translating your texts or transcreating your marketing and messaging.

Most of the companies we work with are B2B, but we also work with some B2C companies, especially in relation to e-commerce. In Ireland, we predominantly work a lot with export-focused Enterprise Ireland companies

Focus markets: English and German-speaking markets

Focus export markets are English and German speaking markets, as this is Glocafy’s sweet spot and goes back to the origins of the business and Susanne’s initial main focus for the business. However,  this is not exclusive and we have provided our services with respect to several other markets, often working in co-operation with experienced and vetted partners.

Our approach

Where possible, we like to work in close cooperation with you and ideally your senior leadership and marketing teams. Some of this work will be onsite, some offsite, depending on type of work and project stage.

Starting point for almost all projects is to gain a deep understanding of your business and your business goals for your chosen target market/s. Based on this, we will work with you to develop and implement strategies – for building a local web presence, for (e-)marketing and/or communications in your target markets. 

Where appropriate, we will work with external partners or indeed your internal teams, e.g. when web development is done in-house or when you work with other external agencies and partners.

What makes Glocafy different

There are web development, design and marketing agencies that can build and market your website. There are translation agencies that can translate your websites and marketing texts. There are communications agencies that can support you with branding and communications. 

Success in export markets requires that these three very important elements are integrated and fully focused on the target market, its requirements, its expectations, its preferences, its peculiarities. This is where Glocafy comes in. Our approach is first and foremost business-focused. The solution delivered depends on what is needed for success in your chosen target market/s, helping you blend into the market, yet stand out from the crowd.

What some of our clients say

From the outset, I was impressed by the fact that Susanne talked about strategy rather than looking for us to just start developing a new website platform - as some other companies I spoke with did ... Our business is a complex one, however Susanne listened and understood the key points of what we do and how we operate, reframing our value proposition in a clear and simple manner, which we were able to successfully communicate to potential clients. We are very happy with the results of the work undertaken in what has been a very short period of time.
Michael o'Byrne
Susanne went above and beyond for the translation of our newly launched website. With Germany being our second biggest market, it was imperative that the translation and localisation be perfect. There were lots of challenges with the website, but Susanne was incredibly professional and helpful in every way possible. Her flexibility and patience with us meant we had the time to make sure everything was perfect. Her experience with past projects and particularly in E-Commerce gave us the confidence needed, especially when we do not speak the language. We will definitely be using Susannes services again and highly recommend her for a most professional job well done.
Leanne Murphy
Clubs to Hire
I cannot recommend Susanne highly enough! She is extremely knowledgeable in all aspects of digital marketing and we learnt a huge amount from her. We saw an increase in traffic of over 80% on our German dedicated website in a year and a 34 % increase (’16 – ’17) and a 24% increase (’17-’18) on our .com website. I’m confident this increase in traffic was largely as a result of all the improvements Susanne made to our SEO, tagging, headings etc.
Ciara Power